Bible and Beer


Bible and Beer

Sounds like the two words shouldn't be joined together.  Believe me I have been told that.  Hear me out!  Jesus did the majority of his mighty works in the market place or in the home.  The "religious places" didn't work well for him.  Bible and Beer is Christ Community's attempt to have some fun and hit the market place.  It is a fun discovery group that has become a true Bible study.  Presently we are working from "The Wired Word."  These topics always generate lots of discussion.

Bible and Beer is a casual comfortable time where we try to discover Scripture's power to confront the daily news and our lives with hope.  The more we dig into the Bible, the more we find new riches to guide our lives.  We don't plan for our discussions to develop definitive answers too all our quesions, but we do hope to create an atmosphere where all of us who struggle with aspects of our faith can share and grow.  

If you are even just a bit intrigued, please send me your email address so that I can send you the weekly topic from the Wired Word  or the passages under discussion for the coming week. A copy of the topic for the coming week will be delivered by email in time for preparation for the discussion.

I’ll also admit that I’m a ‘dyed in the wool’ Parish Pastor looking for people and ways to breathe new life into the ministry on the corner of Ionia and Capitol Ave., downtown. I will not try to evangelize anyone ... unless given a chance :)

Come join in!  Tuesdays at 6:00 pm at Kelly's Downtown, 220 S Washington Square in Lansing.

 Pastor Mike Dunkelberger

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