Welcome to the Pastor's Corner...

Here you will find a variety of pieces that I hope touch a chord in your life. I love humor so there will always be some piece that I hope will bring a smile to your face. I happen to believe that any Creator like the one we have that made the likes of us has to have a great sense of humor.

There is another section that offers prayers for you and asks if we can pray for you. We believe at Christ Community Church that prayer is one of the most important callings. Please let us pray for you, lift you up to the Lord and surround you with the warmth of our prayer teams. Now I know we can all go "direct" to the Master, but it doesn't hurt to have others share your burden.

The last section is what I'm calling "Just a Thought...". I get these 'thoughts' from time to time about some topic that I like to verbalize and sound-off about. I never know where they will take me but this section helps me express view that I feel God might want expressed.

Enjoy our website. I hope you truly find a blessing here and in some small way feel the good Lord touch your heart. Know we truly believe that we are the "Big Little Church" that is large enough to meet needs but small enough to care about each person.

    God bless you ... make a great day.

    Pastor Mike