Just A Thought ...


Truth Test

How can you be sure someone is telling the truth?

Early explorers of Africa discovered a strange but effective test.  Following any serious crime, all villagers were questioned by the witch doctor.  If no one confessed, then every suspect lin­ed up to witness a spear-point heated until it glowed white hot.

The test was simple.  Every suspect stuck out his tongue to be touched by the hot metal. They believed that only a tongue which tells untruth would be burned.

You know what usually happened.  As the spear came closer the guilty person would bolt and run into the bushes.  Case settled.

But what if no one ran?  This truth test still worked. Down the line the hot spear moved touching tongues without effect until a guilty person screamed in pain.

Superstition?  No, it was very scientific.  We now know that a normal tongue has enough moisture for protection against a quick touch.  Anyone under intense strain such as guilt and apprehension, however, generally has a dry mouth and dry tongue.

Since everyone trusted the final result of the test, all the innocent suspects relaxed.  No problem.  But a guilty conscience sends nervous signals to the body which then reveals the secret.

How fitting that the tongue should betray guilt. That’s a basic principal of modern polygraph instruments better known as lie detectors. They measure blood pressure, heart rate and other physical signs of stress.

Why are we wasting time on high priced “moderators” and reporters?  We can make it a requirement that all politicians have to undergo the Witch Doctor’s test.  It would be a great voting season and most of the politicians wouldn’t be able to talk due to their burned mouths. Ah, blissful silence and peace at last.

Just a thought…


Pastor Mike