About the Church

Since 1851 Christ Community Church has been a place for people to worship God, grow in faith and serve in the community with others. We believe that God has put us in the center of Lansing to serve as a "Christian Bridge" to the entire Lansing area... to bring people together in community, across racial, generational and economic boundaries, to be the body of Christ.

Wherever you may be in your spiritual journey, you'll find Christ Community Church to be a place that provides a healthy environment for growth and life-transforming discoveries. Whether you're single, married, divorced, a blended family or whatever... we invite you to be a part of this old church with a new dream.

Welcome - From Pastor Michael Dunkelberger

I welcome you on behalf of a wonderful group called, Christ Community Church of Lansing. I invite you to worship with us, fellowship with us, share your gifts with us and, more importantly, to walk along side us and help us find and minister in needed areas of our community.

One of the first things you'll notice is that we are warm, inviting and friendly. Forget any stereotypes you have heard about denominational labels; they won't fit here. We are Baptist in tradition, with a Presbyterian Head of Staff, sharing facilities with a Kingdom church with a Pentcostal background.

The second thing you will notice is that we are a work-in-progress. Part of that is the function of the times -- you know, dealing with issues that needed attention ten years ago -- but, more importantly, we are a Christian community that is looking for what God wants us to do next. I don't think anyone here thinks they have arrived or knows it all. As the old song says, we know who "is standing in the need of prayer." We would love to have you stand with us.

If there is some ministry you feel this church needs to entertain, please make it known to us. If there is a study group we can form or a topic you are interested in, let us explore it together. If there are prayers you need for yourself or for loved one's, please contact us. We have a prayer group that meets weekly and dozens of members praying daily. I will be very happy to keep your request confidential if you contact me directly.

So -- if you are searching for God's direction in your life or if you are just plain searching; if you aren't perfect; if you are looking for an accepting group; if you have ever been a hypocrite; if you want to be challenged to be faithful AND fruitful; if you love the Lord a little and want to love the Lord more... come and join us for worship, join one of our groups or start a new one, just stop by to talk, or better yet, give me an excuse to get out of my office and buy you a cup of coffee.

Know you are loved and someone thinks you are very important!

Please take a few minutes to look through our website and make yourself at home. Welcome!

Pastor Mike